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Introducing Crypto Commonwealth

Dear readers and prospective investors,

I am happy to introduce Crypto Commonwealth – a crypto ecosystem that aims to change the crypto asset management industry fundamentally.

We are a group of portfolio managers, quantitative researchers and senior IT engineers with varied backgrounds. Most of us own advanced degrees in quantitative disciplines. We see abundant investment opportunities in the highly volatile yet rapidly growing crypto markets, and decide to set up a semi-decentralized crypto fund intended for the welfare of the most. We endeavor to benefit all investors, large or small, from the forthcoming and exhilarating blockchain era.

We are a humble team in the crypto world. The team reserves 20% and the Commonwealth Foundation owns 30% COMMs, most of which will not circulate in the near future*. The rest are reserved for our investors. Founder and partners’ tokens are locked for 5 years upon first token sale, and will release 20% per year. Each COMM represents the right to invest 1 USD with us, your tokens will be locked during investment period and release upon redemption. It is also used to purchase some articles contents (if limited) or data (if available) from authors. Large investors can invest with us in BTC or USD directly, but we offer a discount in fees if they choose to lock a percentage of tokens with us. The discount is to be discussed on a discretionary basis. The token value will be a representation of publication quality and fund performance, from which all token holders benefit. Every token holder is the owner of the fund and investment ecosystem.

We are the very first (if not the one and only) crypto smart beta fund to endorse and publish high-quality crypto strategies and analysis on-site, and make them transparent to investors and readers largely for free. We want our investors to know exactly what they are trading with, and take full control of their own crypto asset allocations. We will offer detailed, professional guidelines and help them make the most informed decisions. And we share a decent cut of our management fee (up to 50%) or incentive fee (up to 100%) with excellent authors as they become partners and co-manage the books.

Aside from strategies, we purchase and publish a large number of high-quality quantitative crypto analysis, many of which are original and not to be found elsewhere. All our readers will benefit from our publications mostly for free. We do this because we feel obligated to advise to the public the great importance and influences of the ongoing blockchain revolution, and the nature of cryptos as novel and possibly superior financial underlyings fit for investment, in forms of both academic research and pop science.

We charge 2% management fee pro-rated per annum in our main book, with no incentive fee or hidden fees.** The independent books may apply a different fee structure depending on strategy nature and co-manager’s opinions.

As the fund grows, we will cease distributing the foundation pool gradually, and repurchase our tokens with all profits after costs, management and incentive fees in a transparent way to repay our community. All repurchased tokens are donated to the Commonwealth Foundation, locked for one year and then used to advance researches in multiple frontiers, including but not limited to mathematics, fundamental and social sciences, and dedicate to building a safe, open-source digital world with the blockchain. We proudly announce that the repurchase program will endeavor to maximize the token Sharpe ratio – the very goal we are born and trained to do. We will be fighting with you side by side through tough times, and do our best to build a oasis of serenity amid chaos. The repurchase program is active until the COMM price reaches one dollar or over 50% of tokens are repurchased in total volume, whichever is earlier, and we reserve the right to extend the repurchase program as we see fit. It’s achievable when the total crypto capitalization approaches the stock market one day, which we believe is merely a matter of time.

I cordially invite you to join our community. We are looking for excellent quantitative crypto publications to start with. We are also actively accepting investments, please do let us know if you’d like to invest with us in the investor’s portal, or go over a few fun questions in our careers page and tell us what you think. Please stand with us while we strive to win the future, for our strength lies in your support.

Yours sincerely,

Wayne, founder of


*  Subject to change before an official release of the whitepaper.

** Subject to change if the book size approaches capacity. We may launch an alpha book at 2%+20% structure to cover initial costs, and then books with lower fees as our AUM picks up.

Stay tuned.

We are actively building our website and initiating airdrops and campaigns. We call for high-quality article submission, and are looking to fill multiple openings as soon as possible. Check our publication and quests areas for more.

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