What’s beta? What is COMM?

Beta is a measure of a financial instrument's volatility over time compared to a market benchmark. A beta of 1 means that an instrument's volatility matches up exactly with the markets. A higher beta indicates greater volatility, and vice versa.

Our token (referred as 'Commonwealth' or 'COMM') is an ERC20 token intended for readers and investors to participate and benefit from our quantitative analysis, strategies and the crypto market. It is to be considered the absolute, irreplaceable and undisputed right to participate in our subscription, circulation and investment ecosystem, much like stocks as of a company. Our token holders are similar to stock holders therein. We expect this right to appreciate in value over time as we progress into higher stages in our roadmap.

Why is the beta smart?

The goal of a smart beta is to obtain alpha, lower risk or increase diversification at a cost lower than traditional active management and higher than straight index investing. It is effectively a combination of efficient-market hypothesis and value investing. Smart betas define investment strategies that emphasize the use of alternative index construction rules to traditional market capitalization-based indices. They emphasize capturing investment factors or market inefficiencies in a rules-based and transparent way.

The smart betas we trade with are stronger than generic beta strategies and designed to outperform the market, in particular BTC. They are mostly risk premiums very well known, widely applied and adapted from stock markets. Some of them contain alphas, which are loosely speaking 'smarter smart betas'. Smart betas are quickly growing into the most popular investment vehicle in global stock markets nowadays. Their increased popularity lies in their transparency, the need for portfolio risk management and diversification along factor dimensions, and the desire to enhance risk-adjusted returns above cap-weighted indices.

We update our P&L for each strategy weekly, based on both BTC and USD. Final P&L is subject to transaction costs, which will be small as we don’t rebalance often.

Who is Crypto Commonwealth?

We are a crypto asset management eco-system that aims for the welfare of the most. Many of our strategies are transparent smart betas or risk premiums, and published previously in great details on our website. We rank each strategies in pool and help our investors make the most informed decisions. The risk is passed through to our investors, they are the ones to decide what to trade, and we charge 2% management fee for the advisory and trading service. No incentive fee or hidden fees except transaction costs. For strategies with alpha nature, we might charge an incentive fee depending on strategy quality and complexity.

The asset management industry has been overly centralized. Most profits go to the top management, who gain advantages solely out of information asymmetry deliberately maintained and withheld from the public. The nature of the business is largely to arbitrage against the asymmetry to profit, for which reason they are usually highly secretive and keep investors in the dark. Nevertheless, passive investing has been proven to outperform a majority of active fund managers, as was witnessed by Warren Buffett’s famous one-million bet.

We will endeavor to offer our investors maximal transparency in smart beta based crypto passive investing. Meanwhile, we share a generous cut with participating portfolio managers, quantitative researchers and crypto funds.

How is a fund 'of the people, for the people'? You are a fund and manage for profit. I don't buy it!

We are a humble team in the crypto world. Out of 1 billion total supply, the team reserve 20% and foundation owns 30% COMMs, most of which will not circulate in the near future. The rest are reserved for our investors. Founder and partners' tokens are locked for 5 years upon first token sale, and will release 20% per year. Each COMM represents the right to invest 1 USD with us, your tokens will be locked during investment period and release upon redemption. It is also used to purchase some articles contents (if limited) or data (if available) from authors. Large investors can invest with us in USD or BTC directly, and for a limited time only, we airdrop 1 COMM for every US dollar (or the equivalent) in the initial investment that stays with us for over a year.  The token value will be a representation of publication quality and fund performance, from which all token holders benefit. Every token holder is the owner of the fund and investment ecosystem.

We are the very first (if not the one and only) crypto smart beta fund to endorse and publish high-quality crypto strategies on-site, and make them transparent to investors and readers largely for free. We want our investors to know what they are trading with, and take full control of their asset allocation. We will offer detailed, professional suggestions and help them make the most informed decisions. And we share a decent cut of our management fee (up to 50%) with excellent authors and collaborators.

Aside from strategies, we buy and publish lots of high-quality quantitative crypto analysis, many of which are original and not to be found anywhere else. All our readers will benefit from our publications mostly for free. We do this because we feel obligated to advise to the public the great importance and influences of the ongoing blockchain revolution, and the nature of cryptos as novel and possibly superior financial underlyings fit for investment, in forms of both serious papers and pop science.

We charge 2% of management fee pro-rated per annum, no incentive fee and no hidden fees whatsoever. Our management fee is one of the lowest in industry. It is however subject to change if we receive overwhelming requests from large investors or approach strategy capacity.

As the fund grows, we will cease distributing the foundation pool gradually, and repurchase our tokens with all profits after our management and incentive fees in a transparent way to repay our community. All repurchased tokens are donated to the Commonwealth Foundation, locked for 1 year and then used to advance researches in multiple frontiers, including but not limited to mathematics, fundamental and social sciences, and dedicate to building a safe, open-source digital world with the blockchain. We proudly announce that the repurchase program will endeavor to maximize the token Sharpe ratio - the very goal we are born and trained to do. We will be fighting with you side by side when the market goes down! The market is tough at times and we will do our best to build a oasis of serenity amid chaos. The repurchase is to last until the COMM price reaches one dollar or over 50% of tokens are repurchased in total volume, whichever is earlier. We reserve the right to extend the repurchase program further. It's achievable when the total crypto capitalization approaches the stock market one day, which we believe is merely a matter of time.

The terms and conditions currently on our website are NOT final and subject to minor changes until we release an official whitepaper. We welcome feedback from the community and will gladly improve our ways to operate upon valuable suggestions toward our community's favor.

What's your roadmap?

We are planning on four stages. 1. Start-up crypto fund with 1-3 financial products. 2. Mature crypto fund covering multiple distinct strategies and products, with repurchase program and affiliated charity. 3. Crypto out-of-sample performance and data marketplace. 4. Publication agency available for subscription.

We will stay in each stage until we feel ready and comfortable to move on. We design the token economics carefully to make sure our COMM token has solid use cases in each phase, which moderately minimizes the overall risks of the project. Had we cease in any stage indefinitely for some reason, we have backup plans and feel confident and comfortable to focus solely in the existing businesses, keep growing our ecosystem and as a result the token value.

Note a strategy can't be both in data marketplace and live-trading in the meantime for regulatory reasons. Once we commence trading, we will stop data sale on that strategy (if any) and there is no way back. The subscription service to the source publication (if applicable), including methodology updates or out-of-sample performance will however continue and remain an important use case for COMMs.

Please see our roadmap for details.

Why does COMM have value?

Metcalfe’s Law states that the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n^2). The token will keep appreciating if there are solid use cases and genuine needs to acquire it.

Is your COMM token safe to store and transfer value?

Yes. It's an ERC20 token and all ERC20 compatible wallets, including MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, imToken, TREZOR, Ledger, Mist support it.

Why would I need COMM?

We offer transparent strategy allocation, and as long as the crypto market keeps growing, we expect our smart beta strategies to outperform BTC. If you read our publications and would like to invest in any strategies as proposed, you are welcome to lock COMMs and invest in the corresponding books. If the strategy isn't available for trading yet, write to us or vote for it! We listen to our community and will take action to expedite the process, provided we as professionals think it has a potential to be profitable.

Also, some articles may contain limited contents available to purchase in COMMs. Moreover, since our criteria for strategies in production are tough, most of them will stay in the out-of-sample testing zone for quite a while. We will design a way for our readers and investors to buy quantitative signals from popular authors before they enter production. All data purchase will be made in COMMs. The proceed passes through to the authors after a 5% service charge. For regulatory reasons, the data sale stops once we pick the strategy into production for asset allocation.

We will open a voting system for articles and strategies. When a strategy meets certain qualifications and enters the strategy pool, the COMMs voted to the referenced articles and strategies earlier will automatically transfer over and become your investment allowance. When the strategy amasses a certain number of votes or investing interests, we commence capital allocation, and voted COMMs would represent the max amount one could invest. If you see an opportunity in certain publications being referenced or traded, please lock your investment quota early, as the capacity of best strategies is usually highly limited. We will stop accepting investments as capacity approaches threshold, and your locked tokens guarantees your right to invest certain amount of capital in that strategy.

When we bring the strategy pool online and commence capital allocation, each COMM represents the right to invest $1 (one US dollar) in our fund for small investors (investment < 1% AUM). It is required to lock corresponding number of COMMs into the book to invest BTC. The COMMs will be returned in proportion as you withdraw the fund.

COMMs will be highly sought in our subscription, voting and investment ecosystem and expected to rise in value. However, if you are a large investor (defined as investment size > 1% AUM), feel free to contact us directly via our investor portal. You can invest with BTC directly if you wish, but we offer a discount in fees if you elect to lock a percentage of COMMs with us. The discount is to be discussed on a discretionary basis.

Large investors will NOT lose their status as our circulating cap grows, until they withdraw the full investment from us. The crypto market is highly volatile and the ONLY way to profit big is HODL. We will open up the redemption window for large investors once a month, and the maximal withdrawal amount is 50% per window for your protection. This percentage may further lower down for new large investments, but existing investments are not to be affected. Though with no enforcement power, we advise small investors to think twice before they liquidate for the same reason.

Why would I lock my COMMs if I could've sold and invested the fund elsewhere?

We will offer an appropriate interest rate for all locked COMMs to compensate your opportunity cost. They are effectively entering a PoS (proof of stake) pool. The interest rate will be decided by a designated Commonwealth Open Market Committee (COMC) every month based on COMM circulating supply, total supply, liquidity and multiple other factors. The committee members will be selected from editors or authors with strong economy or finance background and experience. All COMMs must be locked at least 30 days to qualify for PoS. Note the interest rate might differ in certain strategies, even negative (i.e. incurred a charge) for the most popular alphas with limited liquidity.

How much is one COMM then?

None, for now. It is not on sale, and the token value is to be decided by the market, contingent on the use cases and progress of our project. There may not be a public sale, and even if we open up the first round of token sale, it is risky to invest in early phases, and we strongly advise prospective investors to exercise caution. It may be a bumpy ride for community contributors and early token holders, but there is nothing to lose if no capital is invested. Never, ever invest capital you can't afford to lose in any crypto projects in either primary or secondary market, and always adjust your exposure with affordable risks accordingly. The rule of thumb: risk goes high, investment goes low.

Is COMM still useful if large investors don't need it to invest?

Yes! We do this to stay competitive in this industry, or we risk losing some largest customers. Large investors may expect COMM to appreciate significantly, and prefer to hold some and allocate the rest in our strategies. It's one stone for two birds. Even better, when the initial airdrop stops, we would offer a discount in management fee if they elect to lock some percentage of COMMs, to be discussed on a discretionary basis.

Also, our data marketplace offers subscription for limited contents, and data purchase from authors in COMMs. Most strategies will stay in the out-of-sample zone for testing and observation, whose updated performance or data will be on sale for a while if the authors elect to do so. After strategy enters production pool, a voting system utilizes COMMs to collect investor interest on the peculiar strategy. These are important use cases for COMMs and offer basic value support.

Moreover, we anticipate small capital to remain as an important composition in our AUM. Most interested investors invest small as a matter of fact, and the power lies in numbers. Like any other funds we can't attend to all small investors - it takes too much attention and resources. However, we offer them opportunity to invest in our smart beta strategies via the COMM token.

 Why would I submit articles on strategies to you?

If your strategy is transparent, sensible and potentially tradable, we will consider allocating capital to it. You will get a cut from our management fee or incentive fee on the allocation. All our strategies will have some article references from our publications (and our publications only). If several articles contribute to the same strategy for some reason, we will split the cut among them by their importance, quality and contribution.

We encourage you to publish your strategy with us early, as your percentage cut will be contingent on your performance and out-of-sample history.

Most likely my strategy won't be chosen. I'm not even sure if I will trade it myself. Why do I bother?

High quality research opinions matter and readers could still benefit from your methodology. We reward COMM tokens for all original submissions, and the amount is contingent on article quality and reader response. If your article is referenced by our strategy pool, we triple your reward. We issue 25% more for every multilingual submission up to 200%.

If I think a strategy is possibly tradable, why would I tell you?

There is benefit to be transparent. Investors like transparency way more than secrecy. They are willing to invest much more if they know very well what's going on. The capacity is big enough anyway in many cases. This is why smart beta funds are the most popular in the stock market nowadays. You will probably benefit more in management fee with a bigger book size. Moreover, no strategy is profitable forever as the market becomes more efficient. We don't charge incentive fee, and the risks pass through to the investors. They will be the ones to make the final decision which to trade, and you don't need to take risks managing a book on your own. That being said, we will rank your strategy and guide our investors to make the most informed decision in asset allocation. The investor's interest is always our utmost priority.

And even if you just point out an interesting direction to explore without giving away too much detail, we might still reference your paper and share a cut with you if you keep updating positions and P&L. Your contribution will be decided by both transparency and performance. You could request not to publish certain parts of your article if needed, we will follow your suggestion and honor all information you supply. Still, we expect a decent disclosure or introduction of the trading methodology if you aim for a cut.

If your strategy is an excellent alpha and enters our allocation pool, we will decide a fee structure best suited, potentially an incentive fee or higher management fee, which we share up to 50% with you contingent on your involvement. We share the incentive fee with the portfolio managers all the way up to 100% for the most independent strategies. Please rest assured that your efforts will be rewarded with a generous cut from us. The cut will be decided based on your performance history. Please note you can elect to receive either the management fee or the incentive fee as the cut, not both. If you wish, we will incubate, seed and help you establish your own fund if your performance is strong over a long enough period.

The terms are the same for all participating crypto funds. We will help you raise investments if you join us and provide auditable track record.

Tell me more about the strategy voting system.

When the strategy passes our out-of-sample test, we will open a voting and locking system for the strategy you’d like to trade. When the number of locked COMM passes a threshold, we will open live trading in the strategy pool, and you can invest BTC up to the quota assigned by COMM, as is defined in previous sections.

Why not just open up all strategies for trading? Sounds like quick money in the pocket, both management fee and token value wise.

Investor’s interest is our highest priority. Most of our strategies are required to incubate for a while, this is a standard procedure for funds to decide worthiness of new ideas. The voting system on articles will serve merely as a reference, and by no mean a norm to its value or tradability. Any quick and wrong approach will compromise investor’s trust on us, hurt the business and ultimately the industry in the long run.

Decentralization is NOT the elixir for everything and this is an example. We as experienced professionals use our best judgments to select tradable strategies for investors. Note there is a chance single strategy stops working, and we will suggest reasonable combinations to mitigate the risk - never put all eggs in the same basket. Still, you are investing at your own risk.

If a strategy fails to work after live trading and is confirmed, what happens next?

We may decommission it and return all COMMs locked and investments left therein.

You seem to publish too. If your strategies really work, why would you tell us?

It is a proud tradition in the smart beta industry - maximal transparency and honesty lead to decent trust and a good book size under management. They go a long way.

Aside from that, we do have more and better ideas, and are happy to share some of our market insights with the readers and investors of our smart beta fund along our research process. High-quality publications on smart betas or even alphas do raise the bar in competition, but we embrace challenges and have been comfortable in a highly competitive market environment for many years.

In the meantime, we are waiting for the liquidity to pick up. Only then can we start trading alphas as we have been doing in traditional markets. The crypto market is still at its infant phase, and the golden age for alpha trading is yet to come. We are glad to help if anything we share raises public concerns and expedites the process.

There are two kinds of fund managers: those that trade to win the zero-sum game, and those that bet on the future of humanity. We have been highly secretive and keeping a low profile in the traditional markets for a long time. It is fun to establish a different business pattern in an emerging and vibrant market like the cryptos. We are happy to start by publishing our insights on the market including smart beta based strategies, and encourage interested readers and scholars to join or collaborate with us.

Wouldn't somebody front-run you if you publish and advertise your strategies or positions too much?

We do publish strategies at good transparency, and perhaps offer signal subscription for out-of-sample verification before live trading, but reverse-engineering or execution is a different story, and there is high risk if anybody follows the strategies blindly. Most people won't bother as our fees are low (only 2% a year),  way lower than typical crypto volatility (10% a day) and hard to beat. And the authors are unlikely to disclose full details in publications if the strategy is complex or too valuable.

How much cut do you share with me if my strategy is chosen?

If it's adopted almost as-is without further improvements, and you participate throughout the full cycle of our process all the way to portfolio co-management, we share half of the management fee or incentive fee on that strategy with you. Otherwise it's decided on a discretionary basis. We will do our best to be fair in the evaluation. If we think your methodology is helpful and reference it in our beta strategy, you will get a cut too. Again we surely refer at least one article from our website. We send out the cuts after we access the management fee annually.

I don't know about crypto strategies. Neither am I even interested. May I still contribute?

Yes! We welcome original submissions on quantitative crypto analysis, token economics, consensus philosophy, and are actively expanding our crypto knowledge base. The compensation is also paid in COMMs, contingent on article quality and reader response. 50% bonus applies to every multilingual version, cumulative up to 200%.

We welcome article translation if the original author doesn't submit multilingual versions. The reward starts 1k COMMs each, contingent on the length and quality of the translation. We will post the tasks as needed in our quests page.

Aside from all these, we may need help in administrative mandates and post them from time to time. We will post the tasks on the forum or invite past collaborators to participate. In case of multiple applicants, contributors with strong record will have priority, otherwise first-come-first-serve.

What's your article adoption standard? Do you review them before publication? How do you assure publication quality?

Yes. We will invite experts in coding, data analysis and quantitative disciplines including finance, economics, math and statistics to serve in the review committee. The founder of our website, the head of the committee, is a quantitative Ph.D. and experienced quant in charge of the full market neutral equity arm in a hedge fund.

Please refer to our long-term quest page for details.

How do I prove originality? Can I post my old articles here?

Yes you can. But it's hard to prove in the crypto world indeed, please do your best and keep in mind that we do not publish any unproven works. The ideal scenario is to submit new and original articles only. We do our best to identify plagiarism, and defer token rewards by two weeks for our community to identify any potential issues. Please help us if you can. The first community member that identifies and successfully confirms plagiarism within this period will receive 1k COMM rewards. If that happens and is confirmed by our committee, we will cancel your reward, announce and permanently blacklist your submission.

Is it worth it? How much is one COMM? What's the total supply and release plan?

The total supply of COMM is 1 billion. 20% is locked in the team's pool. 30% is the foundation pool, and 50% is the investor's pool, reserved for investors and active for token sale in tiers. Founder and partner's tokens are locked for 5 years upon first token sale, and will unlock 20% per year afterwards. We welcome the community to monitor these addresses closely. We will announce all major token transfers pro-actively.

The Commonwealth Foundation is responsible for: interest distribution, partner / adviser searching / hiring, talent hunting, airdrop, campaign, task rewards, legal consultancy, etc. The foundation pool is the pool for community contribution mining. Quests include but are not limited to: article support program, article submission, review and translation, website design and construction, social media and forum updates, code review and peer review, logo design, administrative aid, etc. The mining difficulty for the foundation pool will double every time the pool is halved. All task rewards will halve accordingly.

The mining rate on the foundation pool decays exponentially every time 50% of foundation pool is mined. I.e. every time the reserves drops by 50%, all remunerations and quest rewards drop by 50% too. Early participants benefit more in any and all contributions.

We’d like to minimize the risks for all prospective early investors, and will NOT commence a token sale until we establish a functional ecosystem prototype.

How can I become a partner?

The partnership program is our peculiar way to look for partners. We can’t emphasize more the importance of publication along the course if you are interested. We want to hear your insights on the market. We are looking for quantitative people alike. The best way to communicate with the brightest minds in this world is to publish and let your voice be heard.

All our partners will receive an additional percentage of tokens from the foundation, to be decided on a discretionary basis depending on the nature of your contribution. The natures of partnership include but are not limited to: administrator, author, reviewer, researcher, trader and portfolio manager. Bonus rewards in each category only applies within that scope. However, one can obtain partnerships of multiple natures. Long-term, high-quality contributors will enjoy higher cuts.

To qualify for the partnership program, please keep contributing to our project and document all accomplishments and timestamps. Your efforts will be recognized and rewarded.

We cordially invite you to participate in quests actively and apply. We do review all applications, but the availability will be highly limited. Your existing contributions are retroactive and qualify for the partnership bonus too.

Loss of partner status: if a partner stops contributing to the project for over 2 months of certain nature, he/she will lose the partner status therein automatically. Any further contributions will not receive the partnership bonus, unless you reapply and are deemed qualified again. However, the locked tokens remain unaffected and will still release as planned.

The terms for loss of partnership is applicable to all contributors including the founder, who enjoys NO additional privileges and will be mining the foundation pool as everybody else.

The founder and partners keep a hefty 20% COMMs to themselves? Looks a lot to me.

20% is the typical incentive fee for an active fund manager. It is a lot of work to organize everything and make it functional, and our smart beta fund is semi-actively managed in the sense that many strategies carry alphas. The founder publishes and trades his strategies too. Our team take these tokens as the sole compensation in the initial stage of the fund, which is a great sacrifice for their family and themselves. A reasonable holding structure encourages the team to work hard and maximize the community's interest continually.

The foundation and investor's pools will be allocated or sold at a discount to our community contributors. We would like to benefit our community as much as possible while growing the project.

The founder and partner's shares are locked for 5 years, to be released 20% a year after first token sale. To be 100% clear, the first release of locked tokens is scheduled one year after the first token distribution, then about 20% linearly every year.

How do you access management fee?

We charge annually or quarterly (optional) from your investments, or pro-rata in case of withdrawal during the year.

Your 2% management fee is pretty low. Why not charge more?

The growth of the cryptos belongs to all market participants. We are but a specialized, humble team among them. Follow our papers and the long-term holders could’ve done it similarly themselves, for which reason we only charge minimal fee in the smart beta books for fund maintenance. Though most funds are secretive, we have no intention to withhold information we believe every crypto investors should know and profit from this asymmetry.

However, please note our alpha strategies may incur higher fees, including an incentive fee due to limited capacity.

How do I know if you are not a Ponzi Scheme?

Follow our progress closely. Attend our presentations. Interact with us in emails and quests. Discuss with community members and learn more about who we are and what we do. Read our FAQ / whitepaper (to be composed soon) and decide if it's unique and professional. Monitor our COMM addresses. Watch for our P&L and verify if it carries market beta exposure as advertised. More importantly, read our publications and decide if they seem interesting and worthy to learn from or trade with. You will see our determination and professionalism to make all these happen.

Are you regulated?

All our employees and core decision makers will be requested to disclose all their COMM addresses for close monitoring. Insider trading as is defined by SEC regulations is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to Securities Exchange Act of 1933 and 1934, Form 3-5, Rule 10b-5. Violation of the prohibition on insider trading can result in termination of employment, a prison sentence and civil and criminal fines for the individuals who commit the violation. Our Commonwealth Foundation is fully under Singapore regulations.

What are the potential risks involved?

RISK WARNING 1: we are a partially centralized crypto fund as all other funds. Our tokens (COMM) serve as means to allocate fund ownership, to store and transfer value, and to facilitate our daily operations especially in the early phase. However, it is critical for you to understand that these tokens are technically decentralized, but operationally centralized in mining mechanisms, distribution rules, fund management, etc. Certain risks are involved.

RISK WARNING 2: Investments on crypto markets will suffer from high volatility and great risks. Published and proven past record is NOT indicative of future performance. However, we are transparent in all smart beta based strategies, and will do our best to maximize their P&Ls.

Why is COMM ERC20 based? The Ethereum network is slow. Any plans to migrate to faster public networks?

We will evaluate faster and more scalable crypto mainnets and decide the best move, but the chance is small. Since we are not a high frequency fund and don't plan to support high frequency trading on COMMs, transaction speed doesn't concern us, but miner charges (transfer fee) might. In the case of a full migration, we will announce well in advance and offer detailed guidance or tools for our token holders.

We will also consider the possibility to build our own public chain and help our subsidiary fund managers raise funds. Stay tuned.

Why are you doing all these? What do you want and what’s the point?

Humanity is sometimes overly obsessed with power and lucrative businesses, at a cost of looking less upon the sky. Competition is deeply rooted in humanity and fine, this is how we evolved and became who we are, but more and more participants in the endless zero-sum games raise our concern.

On the other hand, our world is not without problems. Humanity was, is and will be facing threats from weather, food / water shortage, poverty, regional wars, weapons of massive destruction, disease, human right abuses, technology revolution, and arguably the worst of all, A.I. singularity. Every and all of them pose unprecedented challenges and escalate as civilization scales. If we don't unite and take measures wisely and proactively, another Malthusian catastrophe may be awaiting us in the near future.

The Simons foundation offers a paradigm consolidating resources from the hedge fund industry to academia. Unlike most other zero-sum participants, they trade and profit for a solid purpose. Most other hedge funds focus solely to amass wealth and gain relative advantages over peers, whereas they have been supporting academic projects in a wide range of fields, which amounts to one third of research grants in selected few programs. Our ultimate goal is similar. We seek to advance researches in multiple frontiers, including but not limited to mathematics, fundamental and social sciences, and dedicate to building a safe, open-source digital world with the blockchain. With this blockchain revolution at dawn and forthcoming developments in global crypto markets, we see great opportunities to strive for our dream and make it come true.

Our founder, an experienced quant in charge of the market neutral equity arm in a hedge fund, is a quantitative Ph.D. and science fiction fan. He gave up his beloved academic career under force-majeure circumstances. This project is his redemption in a way. Knowledge distribution in publication is the supreme form of negative entropy production. We shall start from there.

Make love, not war. Destroy power, not people. Decentralize in value and technology, but centralize further in collaboration as a united civilization. This is how we humans differ from other species on earth and stand out. As the undoubted leader of planet earth's biosphere for the time being, our civilization can, should and is obligated to achieve much more.

The crypto market is so volatile. Is it really a good time to invest?

Invest with money you can afford to lose and HODL. Our study shows BTC carries an annualized volatility at 86%, rest of cryptos usually above 150%. Any annual drawdown within this range is normal and largely to be expected. If you believe in the future of the crypto market, don’t sell off your tokens in the early phase, and don’t hammer the order book like a whale. Our fee is low and you are effectively betting on the future of the entire crypto market. Hold it if you have faith, it’s not worth it and you don’t know what you are missing out. The biggest winners have always proven to be long-term holders. We will endeavor to beat the market for you, and are reasonably confident about our capabilities of consistently doing so. Apes, together, strong!

This is however NOT an investment suggestion, you are responsible for your own investment decisions.

What do you think of tokenonomics and consensusualism in consequence of the blockchain technology?

It is the dawn of advanced capitalism - more private property, stronger capital accumulation, higher wages, more voluntary exchanges, more effective price system, freer and more competitive markets, potentially fairer production relations. In short, decentralized digital technology on universal equivalents leads to stronger trust, more efficient collaboration and greater centralization in humanity.

How would you decide if a blockchain project is legit and worthy?

Dig deeper until you find out exactly how the team profit. Sometimes they don't even disclose full details. Decide if it is acceptable, compliant to regulations and beneficial for the team, the ecosystem and the investors. More importantly, the more it benefits humanity the better. Ask good questions - is there anything they are trying to hide? In the circumstances when tokenomics is optional and serves as a way to raise fund and improve production relations, can they make it with good capital but without blockchain anyway? Are they experts in that industry already?

How do you think of the bear market starting end of 2017?

Many projects overly advertised or unduly raised fund and failed to meet investors’ expectations. Some rotten apples spoil the whole barrel, but the best of them will rise from ashes and win the future one day. Small cap premium prevails in a strong emerging market.

And what of the forthcoming blockchain era?

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times, it is the age of wisdom, it is the age of foolishness, it is the epoch of belief, it is the epoch of incredulity, it is the season of Light, it is the season of Darkness, it is the spring of hope, it is the winter of despair, we have everything before us, we have nothing before us, we are all going direct to Heaven, we are all going direct the other way - in short, the period is so far like the past golden periods, that some of its noisiest authorities insist on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

OK, how do I get COMM?

Follow our campaign page and forum posts closely. New quests will be announced there if any. Participate in our long-term quests, including publishing, reviewing and translating articles. They are important keys to our survival and success. Buy from COMM holders. We will announce when every new tier of mined COMM in the investor's pool is available for sale, but every new tier takes some time, especially the first one, as it takes time to prepare the launch and collect trustworthy trading records.

Any airdrops / promotions / campaigns?

We will announce all these when we are ready. Stay tuned. Currently, if you invest in BTC or USD, we will airdrop 1 COMM for every USD in your initial investment that stays for over a year.